EachStep Blackley, ran by national health and social care charity Community Integrated Care, is a pioneering, £5 million dementia service based in North Manchester, which offers specialist residential, nursing and respite care. 

EachStep Blackley is a vibrant service where people are supported to be happy, engaged and well cared for. We support the mental stimulation and physical wellbeing of people who access our service, ensuring that they remain part of their communities and follow the interests and activities they enjoy.

With our highly trained staff, specialist facilities and philosophy of always supporting people to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives, we offer the highest standards of dementia care.


Our approach to care:


• EachStep is focussed on supporting people to stay more independent for longer, enjoying happy and fulfilled lives.


• We really get to know the people we support – their interests, life history, likes and dislikes, to offer each person a bespoke package of support.


• We want to make life easier for people with dementia and their family carers. To do this, we offer a complete range of dementia support, allowing us to tailor the care we offer when needed.


• Wherever possible, people will be supported by a consistent staff team. Not only does this help our staff to build strong relationships with the people they support, it gives people the consistency and familiarity that they need in their care.


• Every person working for EachStep receives specialist dementia training so they understand the condition, its complexities and how best to support people with dementia.


• Our £5 million service includes specialist facilities designed to support the needs of people with dementia, applying the latest research in dementia care.


• We believe that dementia should not be a barrier to being part of your community. Because of this belief, we support people to still be part of local life and encourage members of the community to be part of our service.



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