What is Dementia Day Care?

Day care gives people with dementia the opportunity to spend a day with company, enjoying entertaining and engaging activities. It’s a great way to meet new people, have fun and spend some time away from home in a new environment.

Our service in North Manchester includes a large spacious specialist dementia day care service called ‘The Club’, which can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. The Club has been specially designed to be accessible for people with dementia and offers a wide range of activities to fulfil every member’s interests.

How can Dementia Day Care help me?

For some people, dementia can be an isolating condition that makes it difficult for them to stay in contact with friends, pursue their hobbies and meet new people. Day Care offers a great way to remain active, meet and make friends, and have fun. Mental stimulation and social interaction have great health benefits for people with dementia too, so accessing a specialist dementia Day Care service offers fantastic support for staying independent for longer too.

Dementia Day Care can also help family or other carers, allowing them to take some time out of their caring routine knowing that their loved one is well supported and enjoying a great day out.

When does The Club open?

Our day service is typically open from 8:30am until 6pm. We try to ensure that The Club is flexible to all of our members and their commitments – because of this, we offer a range of sessions that run from as little as three hours to as long as a full day.

We have two people carrier vehicles, which can support members living across Greater Manchester who need transport to and from The Club. These people carriers will be driven by carers who work for The Club, meaning that you will always be picked up by a familiar face.

What happens at The Club?