Dementia Prevention

Dementia is a the condition of being afflicted by a non-specific set of signs and symptoms that affect memory, attention, language, problem solving; pretty much every part of a patient’s cognitive tool set can be affected.


There is no surefire way to prevent dementia. However, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits will drastically reduce your risk.

Dementia shares risk factors with heart disease, which is the world’s number one killer.

To avoid dementia, avoid processed foods and white carbohydrates. Avoid sugar, avoid cigarettes, avoid binge drinking and avoid hard drugs.

Exercise your body. Run or walk. Lift or throw. Swim or climb. Stay active and design your lifestyle in a way that is balanced. Reduce the chances of dementia, read books, challenge your mind, find intellectual pursuits and follow them.

Invest in hobbies and create for yourself a life of purpose. To avoid dementia, surround yourself with friends and family members who care about you.

Achieve a spiritual peace, and wholesome well-being.