Dementia Symptoms


Forgetfulness and memory loss is the most common manifestation of early dementia. Misplacing objects and purposeless wandering may become common. The gradual nature of dementia is insidious. Patients can suffer from language and verbal impairments. Their problem-solving abilities are affected and their rote memory will suffer over time.

What Should You Look Out For?

  • You might take a walk and not come home until the next day. You might forget your maiden name or who your children are. This is a serious impairment.
  • Individuals may experience changes in mood, behaviour and personality. At first, they might seem irritated or moody. Your family and friends will notice it, but you may not. If you do, the guilt may trigger depression and worsening dementia symptoms.
  • You might not be able to leave your home for fear of getting lost or confused by new surroundings. A simple return to a childlike state is only nice in fairy tales.
  • Over time, your condition will deteriorate. You will say and do things that are totally out of character, then you’ll forget you did them. Eventually, you might lash out at your caregiver or spend days in suspicious withdrawal. Dementia patients suffer from delusions, paranoia and even hallucinations.
  • Finally, if you survive the early and middle stages. You’ll become unable to care for yourself, keep your home tidy, or drive yourself to the market.

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