About EachStep


EachStep Blackley is a £5 million integrated dementia service developed by national social care charity Community Integrated Care.


The EachStep service will support people with dementia from their initial diagnosis until the end of their lives, by delivering specialist respite, residential and nursing care.


EachStep Blackley practically applies a range of research in the field of dementia care, and has seen our charity work alongside academics, community groups and carer groups, to devise a service that truly embraces and applies the aims of National Dementia Strategy.


EachStep: Approach to Care


EachStep focuses on supporting people with dementia to live full and happy lives, where they are empowered to take part in meaningful activities that fulfil their interests and reflect their life history by staff who they have strong and lasting relationships with. We have sought to innovatively apply the principles of relationship centred care and person centred care to our service.


To support these aims, we employ a number of specialist roles and provide every person working for our service with recognised dementia training, including Community Integrated Care's unique accredited BTEC qualification in Dementia Care.


Specialist roles employed by EachStep Blackley include:-


Dementia Care Nurses, who takes leadership in forging a culture of quality and innovation in our service

 Support workers in the service have the job title of 'Care and Activity Workers', reflecting the fact that the EachStep model proposes that providing meaningful activity is integral to excellent dementia care and therefore, supporting activities is a responsibility for every staff member.


EachStep: The Service


EachStep Blackley has been developed by award winning architects and Community Integrated Care's own internal dementia care and property experts to deliver the best possible lifestyle for people with dementia. It includes a range of specialist lighting, furnishings and assistive technologies (such as MyAmego) to encourage the independence and comfort of the people it supports, yet has been designed to feel domestic and homely.


The service includes extensive facilities to support activities, including large dedicated activity and reminiscence areas; a gym, library and cinema screen for leisure and recreation; as well as domestic kitchens and laundry facilities, so residents can continue to take part in household tasks, should they wish. It also features expansive gardens which have been planned specifically to meet the needs of and be accessible to people with dementia.


To encourage community involvement and interaction with the service, EachStep Blackley also includes a number of facilities that can be used both by the people supported by the service and members of the public, including a bistro and a hair and beauty salon.